HOUSE OF GLASS: The Brick House | STUDIO NUCLEO | 2023
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Studio Nucleo at HOUSE OF GLASS: The Brick House
By WonderGlass 

We showcased our latest artwork Barene at ‘HOUSE OF GLASS: The Brick House’.
Curated by Jean Blanchaert.

Through this exhibition, WonderGlass not only pays homage to the transformative power of glass
but also extends its tribute to the individuals who contribute to shaping its future every day.
Our Barene project takes sustainability to heart, using 100% recycled Murano glass.
Each brick’s color depends on the availability during production,
making every piece unique and promoting eco-friendly design.

Barene offers more than just visual appeal.
Through Barene, we aim to symbolize the ecological importance of these submerged islands
while demonstrating the potential of sustainable design in contemporary architecture.
The project serves as a reminder of the harmonious coexistence between human innovation
and nature’s resilience, echoing the legacy of Venice’s founders and their connection with the barene.

Palazzo Donà delle Rose
Fondamente Nove, Venice, Italy.
September 7th – 14th, 2023

Palazzo Donà delle Rose, Venice | Studio Nucleo Barene