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Barene, Stool
Studio Nucleo, 2023
By Piergiorgio Robino, Marzia Ricci & Francesco Isaia – Wonderglass
Murano glass
250 x 109 x 80h cm
Unique piece



Barene is a project that draws inspiration from the submerged tabular terrains in the Venice Lagoon.
These ecologically vital lagoon islands, continue to play a significant role in promoting water exchange,
limiting tidal impact, and providing habitats for unique vegetation and birdlife.

From Aerial Views to Sustainable Art
The creative genesis of the Barene project lies in the resulting aerial views.
The colored lines, originally generated by the ‘Minimum Bounding Geometry’ tool in ArcGIS
to outline the islands with complex polygons, have now evolved into unique and sustainable ‘Barene’ colored bricks.

Sustainability Meets Creativity
Our Barene project takes sustainability to heart, using 100% recycled Murano glass.
Each brick’s color depends on the availability during production,
making every piece unique and promoting eco-friendly design.

More Than Aesthetic Beauty
Barene offers more than just visual appeal. Through Barene, we aim to symbolize the ecological importance
of these submerged islands while demonstrating the potential of sustainable design
in contemporary architecture. The project serves as a reminder
of the harmonious coexistence between human innovation and nature’s resilience,
echoing the legacy of Venice’s founders and their connection with the barene.

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