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“Un Sentiment Empoisonné” bookcases
Studio Nucleo, 2016
By Piergiorgio Robino
Epoxy resin, carbon, ash, cement
28,5 x 5 x 45h cm
Editions of 35 pieces


An original text written in French for the book by Jean-Marie Rouart illustrated by 11 original photographs by the following artists:
Valérie Belin – James Casebere – Mat Collishaw – Tim Davis _ Mounir Fatmi – Eric Poitevin – Evangelia Kranioti –
David Levinthal – Polly Morgan – Vik Muniz – Angélique Stehli and an embossed pattern by John Armleder.

Graphic design by Gina Donzé for Base Studio Geneva, and Céline Fribourg.
Bookcases designed by Piergiorgio Robino for Studio Nucleo and handmade in resin, carbon and ash.

A separate sewn-booklet includes a translation into English of the text, by Peter Doherty, as well as
philosophical and literary quotes chosen by the artists.
Each copy is numbered and signed by all the artists. All the photographs are signed.
Part of the three artist’s books created in a limited edition.
The trilogy, entitled Eros & Thanatos, is published by Take 5, directed by Céline Fribourg.

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