TERRA! v2.0

Design by Studio Nucleo
By Andrea Sanna & Piergiorgio Robino



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The process of consumption of objects in our homes is one which has historically been insensitive.
These objects arrive in our homes as alien spaceships, of which we do not know anything of, and all we learn about them is what they want us to learn.
Excluding the interface, these objects reveal themselves to a minimum.
Which is the best way to learn about an object? Surely to construct it. There is no greater form of intimacy with an object than to be its creator.
TERRA! is not a finished product, is an idea; we provide the cardboard frame, the main ingredient, the dirt can be found everywhere on our planet.
The armchair will be born in your garden and becomes part of your landscape.

The work appeared for the first time at the Milan Salone Satellite in 2000 and was selected for the XIX Compasso d’Oro as a ‘Product for the Community’ Award in 2001.
The following year it was shown at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, in 2004 at the Triennale in Milan, and then in 2012 at the Biennal of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
TERRA! was sold all over the world. The last piece of TERRA! was sold in 2005.
The self-production was no longer sustainable, and we decided to abandon the production of this work until now!

Our enthusiasm for TERRA! started again upon receiving this letter:
Several years ago I discovered your work with the TERRA! armchair. I always told myself, the day I have my own garden I want one of them.
Today I have my garden and it’s like a dream come true… I want to order 2, would it be possible? I hope so!
Thank you for your return and see you soon”.






So we decided to revive TERRA! in the new version, we wanted completely revised and adapted to the technologies in use today.
TERRA! V2.0 is slightly smaller than the previous to better respond to transport needs and it’s fully realized by laser cutting (panels and graphics).
We reviewed the assembly to make it even simpler as well as the creation by the end user.
The concept remains the same, but everything has improved!

Why now? Why re-produce the TERRA! project in 2016?
Because the world has changed, we believe that now more than ever, design production needs a sustainable approach.
That is a return to nature and our planet’s roots.

The relationship between the producer and the consumer has also changed:
Now it is possible to distribute TERRA! without having to go through large furniture distribution and manufacturing companies.
Now it is possible for us to think, produce and deliver the work directly to people who are really interested in buying.
That’s where Kickstarter plays its role.

TERRA! was conceived as a work that can challenge the trade laws: the product needs to be built and assembled,
and it needs someone to look after it. Therefore, Kickstarter seemed to be the perfect platform for promotion:
not only will you take care of the chair, but you will also assist the campaign that produces it.

Design products are made to be used and disposed.
TERRA! instead is a living product; it grows as a tree grows. As the world around you grows, so does your Terra!.
To take care of TERRA! you don’t have to be a designer, an architect or an artist. The pleasure of TERRA! is not only found in its ‘functionality’.
It is also found in making your own place to relax, growing a piece of nature where we all can experience peace.
Please join our campaign, share the video, and feel the experience.

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First, find an ideal location for growing TERRA!.
If the location is slanted, remove soil to obtain a flat area of at least 130 x 130 cm (51.18 x 51.18 in) upon which the corrugated cardboard frames can be built.
Separate the cardboard frames by detaching them from the perforations using a cutting knife (fig.1).
For assembly, follow the numeration sequence and the orientation of the cardboard frames (vertical or horizontal).
Start first with the central cardboard frame 4y (fig.2).
Then continue the assembly by first using all the horizontal cardboard frames labelled with the letter X; see diagram below (fig. 3,4,5).
At this point, assemble all the vertical cardboard frames (fig. 6,7).
Position the assembled frame (fig. 8) at the chosen location.
Fill the armchair with 2/3 of the volume (about 200 Lt) of expanded clay or with any other not compressible materials – rocks, bricks, etc.. (fig. 9).
Fill the rest with soil (about 340 Lt, ideal use a sandy type of soil);
pack the soil carefully without deforming the frame, making sure there are no empty spaces and the entirety is completely covered.
Then cover everything with a thin layer of sand.
Start seeding by distributing the seeds uniformly over the surface of the armchair
(make sure that the seeds are seeded along the vertical walls — this can be done by moistening the sand),
pat down the seeds over the surface by using a shovel or a roller.
To complete, put a veil of sand on all over the armchair.
Water the armchair for the first time, making sure not to create a gully (use either a watering can or hose with a diffuser).
Water on a daily basis, avoiding the hottest time of the day.
After 10 days the grass will begin to grow.
Trim the grass periodically leaving, at least 3 cm (1.18 in) of height.
TERRA! should be ready after two months.

Studio Nucleo
Piergiorgio Robino + Andrea Sanna
Alice Carlotta Occleppo
Edoardo Trave
Marzia Ricci
Cesare Ambrogi
Tommaso Moretti
Direction and video editing
Twinpixelvideo (Carlo Mossetti + Jacopo Gallitto)
Models & Prototypes
Prototype Factory
Texts and translation
Clea Irving
La Mandria Golf
Special thanks
Danilo Ferrari – autocue carrier
Luigi Zavattaro – lovely owner
Carola Allegra Occleppo – lovely sister
Senem Polat – letter voice over
Matteo – lovely dog