Per sito invito


Nucleo Lab
Via Mottalciata 18/C, Torino Italy
31st October — 4th November 2018

During the Contemporary Art Week of Turin, Nucleo presents a new series of 3D sculptures.
Extruded plastic elements, shaped from lines extracted from single postcards, and pairs or groups of postcards become artifact.
The sculptures are nine unities of different times and spaces.
Black and white postcards show well known sculptures as Michelangelo’s Pietà in St. Peter’s Basilica but also Pietà Badini and Palestrina
or architectures as St. Peter’s Basilica or the tomb of Raffaello, Cremona Cathedral, Mantova Mausoleum, and Trinità dei Monti.
Collected in a long-term research, the chosen postcards are paradigms of spaces or sculptures historically anchored in our memory.
Thanks to a kind of plastic preformationism of the selected pictures, the forms stretch out from the images.
A new technique allows to tune the curved sculptures and the postcards by means of Booleans.
The introduction of curves in Booleans method changes the treatment, the visual and the conceptual impacts compared to previous series.
Such tension provokes a distortion that marks the born of new sensual objects detached from images that float on an immersive display recalling a sacred space.
The rewriting of the laboratory as a sacred space is not an exotic element but a relational one because Nucleo Lab is next to two places of religious worship.
The gift is sacred not simply because the postcard comes from a sacred place, but also because the postcard is a track of an aesthetic experience
that becomes collective, even if it is deeply rooted inside us.
In fact, the postcard is always a gift but sending a postcard is not a merely affective act, rather an aesthetic one.
An object seems to emanate a kind of value, then we feel entitled to make it public by means of another object that is precisely the postcard.
At the same time, we cannot explain what really comes from that object to make it so special.
The show THE SACRED GIFT materializes exactly this nonconceptual process.
THE MEANING OF AN OBJECT IS ANOTHER OBJECT alludes to the new born sensual object
or the artwork in its ties with the starting sacred objects and the postcards.
The exhibition suggests a space of unity and tuning with objects in which affective,
sacred and aesthetic dimensions are melted.
Booleans functions shape forms and truth together but this kind of truth is sensual,
and it can be revealed only imaging a coexistence.

© 2018 Studio Nucleo