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Terra! Armchair for outside use
Studio Nucleo, 2000
By Andrea Sanna & Piergiorgio Robino
Cardboard, seeds. | 120 x 120 x 57h cm
Multiple, produced by Nforniture (2000/2006)
International Young Design Store, Turin, Italy.

XIX premio Compasso d’Oro ADI annual selection.
“Terra!” Category: product for the community.
2001 (3 yearly award, excellence in European design)

The evolution of production processes has brought about a generation of products that are less constructible.
These objects arrive in the homes as alien spaceships, of which we do not know anything of,
and what we are able to learn about them is what they want us to learn.
Excluding the interface, these objects reveal themselves to a minimum.
Which is the best way to learn about an object, to feel it? Surely to construct it.
There is no greater form of intimacy for an object than to be created.
Terra! is not a finished product, it is an idea;
we provide the cardboard frame and the seeds and the main ingredient,
the dirt, can be found everywhere on our planet.
The armchair is born in your garden and becomes part of your landscape.
Terra! is not only a grass arm-chair, but it is also an arm-chair of the world;
if you are in a desolate suburb surrounded by cement,
make it out of cement, if you live in front of an American highway,
make it out of asphalt, if you are in the north pole use the snow….

Package Dimension cm 130 x 63 x 7
Package Dimension in 51.18 x 24.80 x 2.76
Assembled Dimension cm 129 x 127 x 60
Assembled Dimension in 50.79 x 50 x 23.62

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