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Stone Fossil Emerald AP1
Studio Nucleo, 2020
Piergiorgio Robino
Epoxy resin, pigment, wood
27 x 37 x h47 cm
Unique piece
Exclusive for Ammann//Gallery


Stone Fossil as pure ornament
Stone Fossil as imperial gem
Stone Fossil as symbolic material

Stone Fossil Emerald is an imaginary stone inspired by the semi-precious Emerald stones.
Ideal continuation of past projects related to the primitivism and the eras,
in which Studio Nucleo pays tribute to the human capacity to evolve and create.
Quartz, Jade, Obsidian and Onyx stones were well known from ancient cultures,
as in the Chinese Empire and South American cultures as precious and symbolic materials.
Used for elite goods materials, the semi-precious stones
developed a long tradition of craftsmanship, which even now is very important for many cultures.

Studio Nucleo, in challenging with nature, creates impossible fake gems,
surpassing dimensions, transparencies and colours available in nature.
Copying natural processes to create the perception of a real stone.
Each stone fossil is a single block made of epoxy resin, pigment and an up-cycled log.
A log cut from a 200-year-old Italian oak tree is submerged in the liquid polymer with pigment added.
The reaction between the two parts of the resin components creates the cracks,
imperfections, bubbles and ruptures as part of Studio Nucleo’s pattern.
Stone Fossil are unique pieces and are exclusive for Ammann//Gallery.

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