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‘Presenze’ bronze, chair 2015
Nucleo_Piergiorgio Robino + Alice C. Occleppo
bronze casting
40x40x80h cm
exclusive for Nilufar

Presenze as evidence of past lives.
Presenze as ethereal.
Presenze as absence.

Presenze and absence, appearance and immateriality, historical and afterlife forms.
This is the inspiration for the latest research project of Nucleo.
The Presenze collection is a testimony of past lives, the evolution of obsolete objects.
The glories of the nineteenth-century baroque structures has been re-designed into minimalistic shapes,
given a strong characteristic from its material, bronze.
Nucleo has filtered disused names and experiences, re-worked old pieces of furniture such as consoles, desks, bedside tables and fireplace chairs.
The furniture is both ancient and contemporary, revived and restored into new life.
With the Presenze collection, Nucleo has created decorative ethereal objects floating through space.
And the lack of assemblage is one of the strong characteristics of Presenze.
Each cube, a fragment, giving a sense to the deconstruction.
The cubes are cast in bronze and together create the object.



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