WHITE LIGHT – first workshop
Polystyrene is commonly used as a packing material and has a great expressive capacity to produce objects of medium and large scale at a low cost. The extraordinary lightness, compactness and good workability are combined with new technology giving us the opportunity to open ourselves to unlimited scenarios.
// Workshop’s objective
Through the theory and the manual ability express the creativity to create your own objects or prototypes.
The workshop will approach an overview of current auto-production design and specifically to artists that work with the polystyrene and afterwards an approach to manual ability, to the processing techniques and to the possibilities of new technologies.
The workshop will seek to meet the needs of each, suggesting new techniques and approaches to the material, to focus the concentration of the participants both on theory than on practical implementation of an artwork.
//The design studio
Nucleo is one of the rising names in Italian Design.
Nucleo was created in 1997 by Piergiorgio Robino, Chief designer and owner of the studio, teacher for Domus Academy and IED.
Many time selected for Compasso d’Oro Prize for Terra! the famous grass armchair and a lot
of different products, Nucleo is an open source working for a lot of different companies from Lavazza to Mila Schön, from Salvatore Ferragamo to Iris Ceramica.
Nucleo products were exhibit all over the world – at the MoMa of New York, at the Triennale Design Museum of Milan, at the Beaubourg on Paris, at the Design Miami Basel Fair and in the most important Europe design galleries.
Nucleo is the synonym of research, innovation, introspection, Nucleo continues to inspire by the contemporary reality freely and sometimes ironically.

The workshop will run for 16 hours and will be held the weekend of 25th/26th September.
On the morning of Saturday will present an overview of the artdesign world.
On Saturday afternoon will approach the theory of the material and will start the experimentation with the material.
On Sunday will be dedicated to experimentation and manufacture.
/ Materials
We will use polystyrene and resins. The working tools available to the workshop will be rasps, spatulas, hot wire, brushes, aprons, gloves, masks etc..
/ Place
The workshop will take place in Nucleo’s studio at the Cortile del Maglio in the district of Borgo Dora, one of the prettiest spots in Turin.
The price is 480 Euros including VAT for professionals and 350 Euros including VAT for students.
Workshop registration includes all the material, the Workshop teaching notes and one lunch per day.

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