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The exhibition “Mila e la notte. Evening dresses by Mila Schon 1966-1993” will be on show from Sunday 20th December 2009 to Sunday 18th April, 2010. It is sponsored by Trieste local council.
The art direction, graphic design and exhibition set up will be developed by Nucleo design studio. It’s a challenge that Nucleo welcomes with enthusiasm, since it entails dealing with the imposing and impressive early Twentieth century space that is the Salone degli Incanti in Trieste.
The project shall include a space design, where the elements will be in direct dialogue and comparison with architectural lines, and shall increase in detail and size, in line with the increasing complexity of the dresses’ design over time.
Evening dresses by Mila Schön
Salone degli incanti Ex-Pescheria
Riva Nazario Sauro 1 | Trieste
20 December 2009 – 18 April 2010

The exposition, “Mila e la notte. Evening dresses by Mila Schön from 1966 to 1993”, planned and developed by the “Direzione Area Cultura” and “Civici Musei di Storia ed Arte”, directed by Adriano Dugulin and organized by Michela Messina and Lorenza Resciniti, in collaboration with Brand Extension S.r.l.- Mila Schön Archive, aims at offering an overview of evening dresses created by Maria Carmen Nutrizio, the Milanese couturier of Dalmatian origin, known as Mila Schön.
Little more than a year after her death, the city of Trieste wants to pay homage to the designer, because of her strong relationship with the town, by displaying about 60 evening dresses from 1966 to 1993.
A small part of the exhibition is dedicated to Nino Nutrizio, brother of the designer and director of the Milanese newspaper “La Notte”.
The exposition opens with embroidered caftans of the middle of the 60s – as those worn by Lee Radzwill and Marella Caracciolo Agnelli for the Black and White Ball organized by Truman Capote at the Hotel Plaza of New York in 1966. Thanks to these dresses, the two women were voted first and third in the Best Dressed List drawn up by the magazine “Women’s Wear Daily”. The path winds among jewel-swimsuits for the midnight bath, presented in Capri in 1968, and the dresses worn by stars of the time, such as Virna Lisi, Milva, Sylva Koscina, and also the creations inspired by contemporary artists, such as Lucio Fontana, Kenneth Noland and Alexander Calder.
Mila Schön’s repertoire includes also oriental suggestions, with the dresses of “Persepolis” collection – created for the celebration of the 2500th anniversary of Persian Empire foundation, that took place in Teheran (Persepolis) in 1971 – and those dedicated to Asia, presented in the fashion show for the inauguration of Italia ’90 World Cup.
“Manhattan” collection of 1983, characterized by the unmistakable black skyline of skyscrapers, and “Tiffany” collection of 1990-1991, with its sparkling embroideries that reminds of the typical multicoloured glasses of the artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, are then a homage to New York.
Linearity. Sobriety. Taste in the choice of colours. Geometry. These are the features of a timeless style, that of Mila Schön.

Mayor | Roberto Dipiazza
Head of Culture | Massimo Greco
Show sponsored by | Municipality of Trieste, Department of Culture
Designed and built by | Area Department for Culture, History Museum and Art
In collaboration with | Brand Extension Srl, Mila Schön
Management | Adriano Dugulin
Curators Exhibition and catalogue | Michelle Messina, Lorenza Resciniti
Catalogue | Electa
Art direction exhibition and catalogue | Nucleo_Piergiorgio Robino
Project design | Nucleo_Piergiorgio Robino + Nicola Bartoccelli
Graphic design exhibition and catalogue | Nucleo_Stefania Fersini + Alice C. Occleppo
Photographs catalogue | Carlo Furgeri Gilbert
Photographs exhibition | Pasquale Formisano
Sound design | Enrico Ascoli
Exhibition facilities | Noè by Alessandro Bassani
Mannequins | Almax S.p.A.
Wardrobe on exhibition | Brand Extension Srl, Archive Mila Schon, Mila Schön, Giorgio Schön
Administrative coordination | Francesca Locci, Municipality of Trieste, Area Department Culture
Contributors | Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia; CRTrieste; Fondazione CRTrieste; Fondazione Benefica Kathleen Foreman Casali, Trieste; Silos SpA, Trieste; TriesteTrasporti spa; Acegas-Aps s.p.a.; Friuladria-Crédit Agricole; Banca di Credito Cooperativo of Staranzano and Villesse Soc. Coop. arl.

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