Piergiorgio Robino curates the display setting
at the exhibition Museo (Cavalli e Cavalle, Cavalli Cavalli)
November 8, 2014 – January 15, 2015
Sotternaeo Galleria Franco Noero
Via Giuseppe Regaldi 7, 10152 Torino, Italy

A show by Renato Leotta with Dario Giovanni Alì, Sara De Chiara, Sebastiano Impellizzeri, Francesco Messina and
the collaboration of Giacomo Leonzi, Piergiorgio Robino and Lorenzo Scotto Di Luzio.
Courtesy: Cripta 747, Turin. Photo: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano.

The project of the exhibition “MUSEO (cavalli e cavalle, cavalli cavalli)” by Renato Leotta rises from the willingness to
give life again to those themes that have always been part of the history of art and that have survived to new artistic
trends through the centuries, since they have a deep and intimate relationship with both the culture and the human
These themes are represented in paintings and sculptures, but they emerge often only superficially. For this reason,
it is hard to capture their essence, their intimate content, their poetics and the imaginative power that they are able
to inspire. The exhibition deals with the way of making art in the contemporary age with a critical approach. This
happens when the figurative art seems to have given way to a new kind of realism which denies the representation
in favour of the description of the world as it appears.
Is it possible that themes and traditional genres talk to us about the present? Is it possible to actualize the traditional

The exhibition develops these reflections, focusing on the drawing and the sculpture, in relation to the concept of
display. In fact, the way in which the works, belonging to traditional artistic genres, are outfitted may expand their
potentiality, thanks to the manipulation of the relationship between the works and the space in which they are
displayed. The display is of considerable importance because it reveals the poetical choices of the age to which a
work belongs: the presence or the absence of the frame for a painting or the type of the base for a sculpture are
decisive almost as the represented subject. The history of art is full of similar examples that have changed the way
of making art. The display is not to be considered only from a formal perspective, but it should be conceived as an
essential part of the work, since it is involved in the process of creating new narrative strategies. It is a realized
beginning from the way in which the work occupies the space, by giving it a meaning. The works of the exhibition
change the essence of space and the way in which we perceive it: their presence becomes almost immanence.

MUSEO is an environmental work produced by CRIPTA747 and presented during Artissima’s week in the basement
of Franco Noero gallery.

MUSEO is supported by Fondazione CRT and Regione Piemonte

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