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Left Over Sculptured Table
Studio Nucleo feat. Hilario Isola, 2018
Iron, wood and organic pigments
Cages Coffee Table
Studio Nucleo, 2013
By Piergiorgio Robino & Gabriele Bagnoli
80x120x35H cm


Studio Nucleo presents a new series of artworks: Grafts.
At different stages of making, several pieces of Nucleo’s production are given to other Turin
based artists as materials to create new work.
The grafting is a hybridization process that is made possible by the affinity of tissues
and not by sexual reproduction. The two centers that contain the genetic material are not joined,
but two ends are rooted one in the other. The two pieces do not merge only into a new individual
by means of the formation of a callus, but they also transform what more than anything else
identifies the life of the plant: the fruit.
Curated by Clara Madaro.

Studio Nucleo feat Cleo Fariselli , Hilario Isola, Edoardo Piermattei, Alessandro Sciaraffa

Studio Nucleo
Corso Vercelli N.5/E, Torino
October 31st – November 30th

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