VISUALISING TRANSFORMATION curated by Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò
Saturday 6 November, 7.30 pm vernissage (upon invitation)
7—14 November, 3-7 pm

This year, a new thematic section titled Artissima Design is being launched. It will present a special in-depth analysis of the IN Residence project, the annual workshop promoting interaction between well-established designers and a selection of students. The workshop focuses on identifying, analysing and deciphering attitudes, and adopts an experimental approach informed by contemporary design thought.
The only event to take place outside the fair premises is Visualising Transformation, produced in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Turin. It includes a workshop, a series of debates and a group exhibition in the prestigious halls of Palazzo Birago in Turin.
The exhibition will present to the general public a set of original works by some of the most highly regarded figures in the international arena of design research, Tomás Alonso, Julien Carretero, Lanzavecchia+Wai, Minale-Maeda and Mischer’Traxler, as well as environmental installations designed and made especially for the occasion by MARC, Nucleo and UdA.
Visualising Transformation explores new discourses around the various disciplines involved in design, with the aim of imagining the results of the creative process behind it. These results are, indeed, decisive for asserting one fundamental necessity of the contemporary: that of ceaseless experimentation.

Nucleo, for Visualising Transformation design the installation CHI È L’OPERA? compares with Tomás Alonso and Minale-Maeda works.

The perception of an art or design object depends on the context in which it is inserted.
The exhibition is a neutral background?
Is it beautiful the artwork or is it skilful the setting builder?
Beautiful is the exhibition, beautiful is the artwork. Bad is the exhibition, bad is the artwork.
Who is the artwork?
Contemporary minimal objects, and artificial lights.
Inside a baroque room, polite, elegant, finely illuminated.
The exhibition is the protagonist as the object exhibited, in synthesis and contrast to the work.
The baroque room implode.
The deconstruction of the usual becomes a prismatic primitive aggregates.
The exhibition as a deconstruction of the display, the exhibition as an artwork in itself.

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