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Date: April 2007
Theme: Presentation of new brand Preciouss Milano
Event: 2007 Furniture Fare
Description: Cioccolato Preciouss
Suggestion: preciousness _ decorum _ uniqueness _ surprise _ Fabergé _ gem _ luxury _ creativity
Material/technology: Dark chocolate
Produttore: B&Sweets
Design: Nucleo _ P. Robino + A. C. Occleppo
Graphics: Nucleo _ C. Cacchioli

B&Sweets srl, a sweet manufacturing company with headquarters in Italy, launches Preciouss Milano, a new brand for the chocolate world.
Nucleo were assigned the entire product development process, from the name, the design of the chocolate, the packaging and the image.
The launch will take place in concomitance with the 2007 Furniture Fair in Milan, from the 18th-23rd April.
The decision to put on the market a new line of chocolate, was made to contrast the lack of luxury confectionary products.
Preciouss Milano is a brand that wants to evoke the preciousness of a jewel. To do so, an icon which is wrapped in its own uniqueness and greatness was chosen.
The Fabergé egg, a gem from another era, a symbol of greatness, belonging to tsars and emperors, is the inspiring front of this project.
The name Preciouss describes the quality of the ingredients. The onomatopoeic sound of the double “s” insinuates the sensuality of the chocolate, while its shape reminds us of an “egg”.
Here, the use of precious stones and fine metals is replaced by expert garnishing and decoration on the upper side of the chocolate, with ad hoc graphics used, bringing to life the chocolate’s unique quality.
Every creation of a Fabergé hides a secret, a surprise very rarely revealed.
Preciouss reveals its secret once it is tasted. As well as carefully selected ingredients, B&Sweets collaborated with a leading aromas company and found new and unexpected essences and so created a sophisticated chocolate praline.

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