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“1000 camicie rosse”, 2011
Nucleo_Piergiorgio Robino + Alice Carlotta Occleppo
painted shirts inside epoxy resin
250 x 110 x 72 cm
Unique piece

1000 camice rosse, incorporated in a thousand red shirts blocks of resin, a conglomerate of cubes creating a structure without hierarchies,
in which each block is simultaneously unique and similar to the other nine hundred and ninety-nine.
Each cube contains a different shirt, recovered and hued.
And what were the thousand, if not the number of grains of a single repeated mantra that repeated “unity” and “partnership”?
In the museums of Risorgimento, you can admire the authentic red shirts, but not without making a discovery:
they are all small, like the size of a child, twelve years old.
The heroes who made Italy were men one meter and sixty tall, malnourished, they belonged to a land of pellagra and malaria.
Thus, each module of the table, despite its smallness, is essential to the overall structure.
A red shirt like blood and flame. Not magenta, nor red ochre nor burgundy.
But a clear vibrant red, violent, passionate, as revenge, that blinds.
Garibaldi used red woolen textiles that once were worn by butchers to create the uniforms of his men.
The shirt itself is a symbol of fellowship with a group. Red is a colour linked to the principle of life, with two different faces:
red as associated with the female menstrual blood and the dyad of unfinished life / death, and the red as men linked to the heroic by conquest,
that mocks death and finds its meaning in the shading of the blood of enemies.
And it’s in this red outfit that Garibaldi breaks into history and becomes myth, a legend.
Garibaldi gave Italians a new story, a new history, with flavours like courage, unselfishness, pride, decency and a sense of institution.
He created a heroic vision, something that lacks in Italy in recent decades.



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