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Relief, Bench
Studio Nucleo, 2015 – 2020
By Piergiorgio Robino & Alice Carlotta Occleppo
Inlaid marble, laquered iron
130 x 40 x 60h cm
Unique piece



Relief is the idea of an artwork being born from a past artifact.
It is the sum of an artifact with its display.
Since the display is visible as the artifact, it acquires the same value of the work that it exposes.
The display becomes an installation, and joins the artifact, merging into a single work.

Studio Nucleo as a curator chooses the artwork to show and designs the display.
Studio Nucleo with Relief, is the artist and the curator both at the same time.
The display is the artwork, and each work is unique, made by the machine.
No more a simple display but an installation that explains and enhances the artifact.
The structure is modular, consisting of elements reproducible and repeatable that contrast
with the main subject, the artifact, a unique piece reworked and made new.

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