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Primitive, Mirror 01
Studio Nucleo, 2015
By Piergiorgio Robino & Stefania Fersini
Mirror and epoxy resin
81 x 6,5 x 151h cm
Unique piece
Exclusive for Ammann//Gallery


Primitive as primary geometric figures.
Primitive as in computer language, called the simplest solid objects.
Primitive as in English, are defined original, coarse and wild objects.

Primitive aims to fragment and destruct. To reduce aggregated forms to elementary geometry.
Nothing more and nothing less than volume, crucial and bearing structure, strength and vital consistency of materials.

Studio Nucleo makes unrepeatable and one-off objects: divans, armchairs, tables, lamps,
and bookcases are made entirely by hand without the use of moulds and are finished
with non-toxic resins that reveal all marks and imperfections.

Primitive is a tribute to this research, and, retaining the double meaning of rationalism
and geometric primordial spontaneity, evoking the paradox, field favourite to creation.

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