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Moon Mission
Tribute to Koishi by Naoto Fukasawa
Studio Nucleo, 2018
By Piergiorgio Robino & Marzia Ricci
Regolith sand 3D printed, phenol resin
110 x 103,5 x 39h cm
Unique piece


Time is the common denominator of Studio Nucleo’s projects.
Time as a line on which to intersperse stories between remote past
and unpredictable future in a continuous journey around the man and his origins.

Studio Nucleo, for the 50 years of Driade, imagined a new journey around time and space.
Driade Moon Mission / 50’Anniversary is the result of a narrative design project
curated by Gianluigi Ricuperati, realized by IPW Institute of Production of Wonder,
based on a concept and artwork by Piergiorgio Robino and Studio Nucleo,
for the executive production of Barbara De Micheli.

Anticipating the 50 anniversary of the man landing on the moon,
the masterpieces of Driade are reinterpreted, in an extraterrestrial key.
Studio Nucleo selected four Driade masterpieces by Philippe Starck, Naoto Fukasawa and
Enzo Mari and has recreate them as were made on the lunar ground.
The objects have been re-designed – inspired by the studies of the European Space Agency –
to be entirely produced and realized in 3D printing on the Moon, using the Regolith,
extraordinary material present on its surface. The volumes of the objects are increased,
in order to be used with space suits, and the surfaces eroded as by storms of particles.
As corals are the point at which life is formed, these pieces are like lunar corals
in which human life develops around, generating life.
The project’s final result it’s the first 3D outdoor furniture collection designed for the Moon.

Exhibited during Salone del Mobile
Design Project curated by Gianluigi Ricuperati
Realized by IPW Institute of Production of Wonder
Based on a concept and artwork by Piergiorgio Robino and Studio Nucleo
Executive production by Barbara De Micheli

Milano Cinema Arti
Via Pietro Mascagni 8, Milan, Italy
17th April – 22nd April, 2018

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