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Nucleo Warehouse
Corso Vercelli N.5/E, Torino
31 October — 7 November 2018

Nucleo presents a new series of works: Grafts. For the first limited edition,
a set of visually and conceptually distinctive pieces of Nucelo’s production
were offered to four artists who are based in Turin.
Cleo Fariselli, Hilario Isola, Edoardo Piermattei and Alessandro Sciaraffa
chose one of them on which they grafted their artistic practices.
The artistic pieces of Nucleo and the characteristic works of the other artists find an agreement in an inedited work.
Artworks include each other but they still remain recognizable.
The collective artworks create a new individual with an intrinsically multiple, even though harmonious, identity.
The works learned the art of living and evolving together as the grafted tissues in agronomic or surgery practices.
In fact, the grafting practice shows the generative power of persistent proximity.
The two anatomical sections start to feel a balance and an affinity that allow the tissues to not be rejected.
Spending time together, the materials cicatrize or get out composed.
They give life to a new whole in which the ends of works coexist in a callus.
The whole is always reached in four works that belong to Innesti.


© 2018 Studio Nucleo