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Extroflexed Crystal stool
Studio Nucleo, 2016
By Piergiorgio Robino & Marzia Ricci
Potash Alum Salt, ABS 3d printed
38 x 28 x 48h cm
Unique piece


Crystal as a naturally formed
Crystal as a repetitive orderly arrangement in three dimensions
Crystal as a process of recrystallisation

Crystal is a symbiosis relation between two different materials, a growing crystal of Potash Alum and a 3D printed modular frame.
Studio Nucleo inverts the fossilization process creating a crossover between past and present, with the Potash Alum
well known since AD77 (Pliny the Helder was quoting in Natural History on the 52nd chapter of his 35th book)
and the 3D printing technology supposed to move us into the third industrial revolution.

The 3D printed part is the foreign solid that will serve as starting point for the formation of the crystal that is
growing extroflexed on it.
The frame reduced at the minimal terms is made by modular joints and
pipes that combined together, create infinite geometric structures.
The mutual interaction between the two different materials creates different solid objects
as an experiment on new aesthetic form.
Each piece is unique and has an indeterminate shape.

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