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Studio Nucleo at Crossroads

The project aims to reconstruct, through different media including meetings, videos, interviews and works,
a dialogue with many voices to highlight the human relationships from which the exhibition project.

On the occasion of Crossroads, Studio Nucleo presented Frame.
The new artwork is part of the ‘Souvenir of the Last Century’ series.

The gallery is a vibrant hub where creativity flourishes, ideas are born,
and connections thrive. It’s the beating heart of artistic expression,
a space where professionals and enthusiasts from all walks of life converge
to celebrate art in its many forms.

Crossroads is born as a collective exhibition that aims to rekindle
the gallery’s role as a crossroads—a place for exchange, dialogue,
and collaboration among artists, curators, gallery owners, collectors, and journalists.

Galleria Umberto Benappi
Via Andrea Doria 10, Torino, Italy.
September 15th – October 14th, 2023