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Studio Nucleo participated to the group show at Ammann // Gallery

Ever since its founding ten years ago, Ammann//Gallery in Cologne
has been taking art and design enthusiasts from around the world
on a fascinating and wondrous journey to the border zones
of the inherently related by traditionally rigorously differentiated fields
of design, architecture, visual art and photography.
The 33rd exhibition of the ammann//gallery, which from the very beginning
has played a significant role within the international design scene,
took us ‘back to the roots’ so to speak and focused decidedly
on the mother of all design objects: the chair.
The exhibition – curated and designed by Gabrielle Ammann –
investigated the interface between these realms,
while also making reference to the unique position of the gallery
within the international art and design scene: BETWEEN ALL CHAIRS.

‘between all chairs‘
April 14th – June 3rd, 2016
teutoburger strasse 27
d – 50678 Köln

ammann-gallery_between all chairs  ammann-gallery_between all chairs4

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