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Nucleo Design has agreed to attend the exhibition CasaDecor from 4 to 25 September 2008 at the Palace of the Palazzo dei Marchesi di Saluzzo, Piazza San Carlo, 161.
CasaDecor is a show, event and cultural area. His basic formula is very simple: you choose a building of great historical and artistic value in the heart of a city, and the best representatives of interior design are called to set up each room, with an aim to create a real home.
This formula tested in New York thirty years ago, after an initial success involving America and South America, becomes, from the 90s, an appointment on the representatives of many European cities: London, Madrid, Barcelona Lisbon and finally Milan.
Nucleo has chosen to deal with wellness and create PHSpa, an anti-stress island where stimulate the senses, to purify themselves from the hectic pace of the city. CasaDecor today is the first Italian event entirely dedicated to Italian Interior Architects, which creates a meeting point for the professionals, the industry, the public and journalists without neglecting the role and social benefits related to the initiative. This is a temporary exhibition that allows the various professionals to show their potential clients of their talents, their ideas, their own style, by creating different environments inside of single complex.
The project was carried out by collaborating with Iris Ceramiche and Teuco who adapted the island anti-stress, with their latest products.
Other sponsor are Gessi, the international designer Iacopo Foggini and Martinelli luce.
Piazza San Carlo 161 Torino
4th – 25th September 2008

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