Il futuro nelle mani. Artisans Tomorrow
Drawing inspiration from the International Exposition of Industries and Work which Turin organised in 1911 and 1961 for the 50th and 100th Anniversary of Italy’s Unification, this exhibition-workshop outlines the positive prospects for new “metropolitan artisan” work.
The exhibition is divided into three areas: Ghost Train Tunnel, which emphasises that particular form of craftsmanship currently represented by “digital work”; The New Workshops, installed in the former OGR for demonstrating laboratories, projects and products by renowned architects, artists and artisans, and then particularly the work by young creative people and many Italian emigrants that have taken Italian talent around the world involving mechanics, engines, and special effects, traditional items and musical experimentation; and The Showrooms Gallery, an “arts & crafts supermarket” occupied in rotation by Italian “excellence” of craftsmanship, demonstrating the material culture and the project of various territories.
The visitor can also buy articles of Italian “genius” in the art of ceramics, textiles, glass, etc. and objects of self-produced design.
In the end discovering that, with the new Craftspeople, it may be possible to try and renew an “Italian supremacy” in the 21st century in this sector.

Produced by: Regione Piemonte and Comitato Italia 150
Curator and artistic direction: Enzo Biffi Gentili, with the Seminario Superiore di Arti Applicate/MIAAO
Architecture, industrial artistic layout, graphics: 5+1 AA, Studio Kha, Undesign
Scientific Committee: Pier Luigi Bassignana, Riccardo Bedrone, Luciano Lanna, Anne Leclercq, Luisa Perlo
Curator and Art Director: Enzo Biffi Gentili

ph Enrico Frignani
Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Corso Castelfidardo 22, Torino
From 17 March to 20 November 2011

© 2013 Studio Nucleo

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